Account Management

Last Update September 22, 2021

About This Course

Account management is a post-sales role that focuses on nurturing client relationships. Account managers have two primary objectives: retain clients’ business and grow those opportunities. They accomplish these objectives by learning what their clients’ goals are and helping their clients achieve them.

Learning Objectives

The importance of account management for businesses
What is the strategy of Account Marketing Tips?
What size of businesses do Account Marketing Tips work with?
The importance of a plan to a business
The challenges an account manager faces
Mistakes businesses make when implementing a plan
Technology and social media as a tool for businesses
How Account Marketing Tips uses social media
The changes in social media
The transition from the tourism industry
The difficulties of making a transition
What the future looks like?
How did Warwick gain his knowledge about marketing?
Where to find Warwick

Material Includes

  • 2 Videos


  • No Prior Knowledge Required

Target Audience

  • Everyone


2 Lessons1h 15m 1s

Account Management for Beginners

Tip for account Management
Key Account Management Tips | Account Management Plan | Key Account Manager Responsibilities33:14

Practices in Account Management

Tips to get better in Account Management

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